Before I started teaching, I never thought to ask myself the questions I have written below. Even if I did have this list back then I definitely wouldn't have had the answers to right them away, and you don't have to either! But a strong trait in the best educators in the world is Self Awareness. So this list of questions is great to get you thinking about yourself as an educator and your effectiveness in the field of percussion education.

10 Questions For Beginning Teachers

  1. Have I successfully helped anyone before? And how can that relate to my new position?

  2. Am I an effective communicator? And how can I get better at it?

  3. What is my teaching process?

  4. What is my position?

  5. What is my experience worth? How effective am I vs the amount I charge for my services?

  6. What are my responsibilities? What am I required to do?

  7. What are my expectations? And who am I holding accountable?

  8. What are my time commitments? And is this opportunity worth my time?

  9. What payment do I require?

  10. What paperwork do I need to file?

Now, write these questions down. Answer what you can today, and revisit the list periodically. As you learn more and develop as an educator, make adjustments to your answers and let us know how it goes! Being able to see your growth over time is really cool, and is something I wish I did my first few years teaching.


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