It takes a large amount of focus and energy to get the most out of our performance, but when we perform there are so many things going on at once that can spread our focus into different directions.⠀
In rehearsal, sometimes we won't put the same energy as we do in a show setting and we create new errors because of this. We can also get distracted easily if we allow our focus to extend beyond our performance responsibilities. ⠀
If you can learn how to limit the range of your focus and put all your energy towards specific demands required for a great performance, everybody wins. ⠀
Mastering your focus is almost therapeutic. When it is time to perform, nothing else matters, everything in the world around you fades away, and it is just you and your performance responsibilities. ⠀
Then understanding the right amount of energy to give is important as well. Don't give more energy with your uniform on, and don't give less energy during rehearsal. Maintain your levels of focus and energy and you will see more success in your performance and the performance of others around you.⠀


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