A Day With Broken City 2018


Grid Book follows the Broken City Percussion Ensemble during WGI Prelims Day in 2018. This one is special. With high definition multi-camera angles, performer interviews, and more behind the scenes than ever before, this will be an A Day With to remember.



1hr 42min 


00:00 Intro

01:37 Battery Warm Up (Rehearsal)

01:41 "Negenacht" by Mike Jackson

05:17 "Moeller Modulations" by Roger Carter

06:22 "DDL2" by Mike Jackson

07:27 "SSL" by Mike Jackson

10:11 "Flawless Flams" by Roger Carter

11:34 "9R" by Mike Jackson

13:06 "Twitch" by Mike Jackson (Solos by Roger Carter)

14:33 Front Ensemble Warm Up (Rehearsal)

19:15 Full Ensemble (Rehearsal)

52:32 You Got Games On Your Phone?

53:35 Seal Team 6 And Tony

55:39 Deanna Stockwell Interview

01:01:52 Pre-show Rituals

01:03:26 Tony Teleky Interview

01:05:48 Battery Warm Up (In The Lot)

01:05:50 "Negenacht" by Mike Jackson

01:10:11 "Moeller Modulations" by Roger Carter

01:12:14 "DDL2" by Mike Jackson

01:14:18 "SSL" by Mike Jackson

01:17:02 "Flawless Flams" by Roger Carter

01:18:25 "9R" by Mike Jackson

01:20:01 "Twitch" by Mike Jackson (Solos by Roger Carter)

01:22:10 Full Ensemble (In The Lot)

01:32:24 Full Run-through

01:38:46 Outro


Tom Misch - It Runs Through Me
Anomalie - Notre-Dame Est
Brasstracks - In My Feelings
Adam Watts - Love You More


SNARE: Tyler Doan, Tony Teleky, Alexis Castro, Chris Morales, Matt Gomez, Josh Hughes, Sean Ye, Zach Borromeo, Yuuka Okura, and Jared Baltazar.

QUADS: Alex Pfiefer, Shubham Gupta, Mietron Shahbodaghloo, Robert Ly, and Fernando Barragan.

BASS: Deanna Stockwell, Trevor Holt, Naruhiro Mori, Ryan Meyers, and Aaron Yewman.

CYMBALS: Joseph Damian, Robert Parada, Johnny Jagerman, Connor Swanek, and Blake Mendivil.

MARIMBAS: Kyra Taylor, Josephine Yip, Emily Tran, Malani Bydalek, Sydney Walla, and Vivian Rodriguez.

VIBES: Matt Rosales, Jonathan Ho, Steven Devoe, and Monica Cruz.

XYLO: Hyun Lee

BELLS: Jerred Clardy

SYNTHS: Elaina Eber and Jenny Smith

GUITAR: Bryan Garcia

RACK: Ethan Ireland  


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