How To Improve Hand To Foot Coordination


01:36 How To Use Your Feet As The Metronome

07:28 The Importance Of Energy In The Feet

08:20 Think Of Your Feet As Part Of The Musical Phrase

09:52 Think Of The Ground Under Your Feet As A Big Drum. Play The Big Drum.

11:15 How To Think Of Your Performance In Layers

11:30 How To Choose What Subdivision To Use With The Metronome

14:25 The Importance Of Polyrhythms Between Feet And Hands

15:06 The Importance Of Adding Quarter Notes In The Tacet Hands

16:44 What Is Timing?

18:43 How To Practice In Layers

20:05 What Is Rhythmic Accuracy?

24:14 Do You Fully Understand Or Are You “Faking It”?

27:10 If You Don’t Practice Something You Get WORSE At It.

27:56 How To Breakdown Hard Music Into Easy Layers

38:28 You Have To Be Able To Do Everything On The Move (Marching)

41:08 Adding Step Outs In The Mark Time

43:10 The Importance Of Marching Outside

44:10 When You Put The Breakdowns Back Together, Don’t Change The Approach 



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