How To Practice


01:01  How To Set Up A Practice Station

03:40  How To Set Drum Height

05:49  Why You Shouldn’t Sit Down When You Drum

06:42  Why You Should Practice In Front Of A Mirror

08:26  How To Use A Music Stand

10:03  Tips For Practicing With A Metronome

13:01  Why You Should Record Yourself

16:27  Guidelines For Efficient Practice

17:37  Why It’s Important To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

19:55  7 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Practice Time

22:17  Practice Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

23:29  Why You Should Practice How You Want To Perform

25:18  Why It Is Hard To See Your Own Progress

26:00  Why You Should Use Accountability Partners

27:55  How To Use Your Metronome

33:09  What I Need When I Practice

34:44  The Importance Of Having A Practice Plan (Avoid Distractions)

36:05  How To Use Tempo Thresholds

38:05  How To Know When To Move On

42:22  What It Means To “Always Play With Quality”

42:41  What To Do When Practicing Feels Like A Chore

45:19  How Do I Deal With Mental Fatigue?

49:53  What Do I Do If I Don’t Have Access To A Mirror?

52:40  How Do I Know What To Work On?

58:16  The 3 Levels Of Performance: Awareness, Coordination, And Mastery

01:00:53  How To Turn 8 On A Hand Into Book Reports

01:04:00  How Fundamentals Relate To Show Music

01:10:30  What It Feels Like To Understand But Not Execute

01:11:37  Be Able To Go From Failure To Failure Without Loss Of Enthusiasm


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