No Sheets Challenge 002

Try learning this lick without sheet music!


As a musician, an important skill to have is learning music by watching and listening. Knowing how to read music is important, but sometimes you won’t always get the luxury of having sheet music.

So don’t write this out or physically transcribe this. Instead, learn by watching over and over, playing in segments, and try to mimic what you see and hear.

Enjoy this and let’s see who can learn this without the sheets!


This one is a little harder! Here are some notes to help you out:

MEASURE 1: This bar showcases independence. The right hand plays triple beat while the left hand grids triple beat. (All 16th Notes)

MEASURE 2: This bar is pretty straight forward. All 8th Note and 16th Note triplets.

MEASURE 3: This bar starts with two groupings of 5, but the rhythm is triplets for the entire bar.

MEASURE 4: This bar is back to 16th notes. Be aware of the difference between diddles and single strokes.

THE RELEASE: The last note is actually a visual called the "Statue Of Liberty". The right hand does a forward flip catching it in the air on beat one, while the left hand comes back against the torso to mimic holding a tabula ansata. The final pose should resemble the Statue Of Liberty in America.


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Mark Perrett

Mark Perrett


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