Gridbook Etude "Body Percussion" by Jordan Brooks & Jonathon Elkins

What's Up Gridbook Nation! We have a very special project we are excited to release today!⁠

⁠We present to you, #GridbookEtude "Body Percussion" by Jordan Brooks and Jonathon Elkins!⁠

This etude has a PART A (performed by Jordan) and a PART B (performed by Jonathon) and they work together to create this dope Hamboning Duet!⁠

This is like playing a bass drum etude with your hands on different parts of your body and splitting it with another person! (Crazy Awesome!) Also, love the theatrical intro!⁠

Big shoutout and thank you to Jordan and Jonathon for coming to the studio earlier this year to write and record this!⁠ Follow them on Instagram here:

Jordan Brooks | @jbrooksmusic
Jonathon Elkins | @elkinsjonathon



Hamboning is a type of rythmic dancing that consists of stamping one's feet and slapping ones arms, legs, chest and cheeks. It is believed to originate in Sub-Saharan Africa and was popularized by slaves around the Carribean and the United States. (Source)

This style of dancing has since evolved to create a variety of percussive performance dancing such as “stepping” used by fraternities/sororities, and has the influenced the popular broadway performance “STOMP”. There are many iterations of this “drum dancing” and you should take some time to research this style of drum dancing. Enjoy! 



We challenge you to try this out! Post Part A, Part B, or Both! Record them separate yourself and edit them together, or find a friend to do this with either online or from 6 feet apart!⁠

Tag us in your progress videos using #GridbookPercussion for a chance to be featured!⁠





NOTE: Learning this etude will possibly save your life someday. It may prevent you from getting mugged or eaten by underwater monsters.⁠ 


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