Gridbook Etude "Does It Quacc?" by Rachel Vo

Gridbook Nation we are proud to present Gridbook Etude "Does It Quacc?" by Rachel Vo! Enjoy working through this one and remember to take things slow with a big focus on quality!




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by Rachel Vo

I have been playing percussion for 9 years and have participated in the marching arts for 8 seasons. The most notable organizations I’ve been a part of includes the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps and the Pride of Oklahoma.


The title of this etude references a couple of things. The first one being a nod towards a lot warmup we played at Colts this past season called Quick Accents aka “Quaccs”. This exercise focused on really achieving that quick upstroke motion to play the accents. This skillset is usually a bit uncomfortable at first, so I thought I would write an etude that included some ways these upstrokes could appear.


The second thing the title refers to is a silly game OU drumline members have played while waiting to perform gigs. It’s basically a repetitive circle of questions and responses starting with “Do you want to buy a duck?”, followed by “Does it quack?”, and so on. Noting that there have been multiple connections to ducks, the title just fell into place.


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