Gridbook Etude "No Idea" by Mark Perrett

Grid Book Nation! We're excited to announce our newest etude "No Idea" by Mark Perrett! This etude fun, groovy, and written as an accompaniment to the song "No Idea" by Don Toliver.

The purpose of this etude is to flow with the song, not get in the way. Some etudes are meant to showcase monster chops and high rudimental demand, but this is a singular part of a whole. This means there is a lot of space to be controlled! 

As you practice this, allow all of the notes to speak fluidly, but keep the partials rhythmically accurate. It is the metric modulations and micro dynamics that make this piece interesting.


- Take this at a slow tempo with a metronome first to ensure quality. Slowly work your way up to the performance tempo, then practice along to the video or track (Google the song name and listen on your platform of choice).
- Seek out trouble spots and practice the check patterns for those measures.
- Isolate skill sets and make an exercises for them.
- Be aware of metric modulations and keep all partials on the grid.




Tag us in your progress videos using hashtag #GridBookPercussion for a feature!


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