Grid Book Etude "Samoas" by Sam Farr and Kiran Singh


Grid Book Nation! We are excited to present GB Etude "Samoas" by Sam Farr and Kiran Singh! This is just pure insanity at this point! And today we have a special article written by the composers for you to learn more about the etude. Enjoy!


By Kiran Singh and Sam Farr

[KIRAN] I first met Sam in 2013 when we marched ViP, which was a brand new WGI group at the time based out of Ft. Worth, Texas. Throughout the season we hung out a lot and became close friends. We always held each other accountable for mistakes, which pushed us to become better snare drummers.

The 2013 season is special to both of us because it was the organization’s first year to compete in WGI, and we had the opportunity to set the foundation for the group by being a part of ViP’s first snare line in history. After the season ended we continued to stay in touch and became roommates in college at the University of North Texas for several years.

We always had about 10 practice pads and a giant pile of sticks and music on our countertop, and we would play something any time we were leaving the apartment.

What peaked our interest in writing these snare drum licks was the growing online drumming community. We saw Ralph and Harvey with their BYOS videos and dug their innovative style. Artists such as Devin Garza, Amanda Muse, and others each brought something unique to the table, and it was cool to see Grid Book facilitate and grow the popularity of a lot of these drumming videos. We saw how much of a positive impact this had on the community as a whole which inspired us to write and share our own “style” of drumming.

Broadly speaking, Texas has a certain style of drumming heavily influenced by Paul Rennick. The way that we focus on balancing and blending while drumming is the way we strive for cleanliness (and having some chops helps too!). We decided to merge the ideas of our style with other ideas we were seeing in the community to come up with a “North Texas-style BYOS,” which was the title of our first video.

Our latest lick, “Samoas,” was filmed with the Dallas skyline in the background, to rep our city and the entire Dallas/ Ft.Worth metropolitan area. We were both very excited when we heard that Dynasty was moving to the DFW area, because those drums gave us the desired sound we like. So, of course, we had to use them in the video!

The Green drum was lent to us by our close friend and mentor Dan Allen, who taught us at ViP. The red drum came from the Santa Clara Vanguard 2017 drumline, which Sam marched on. Shout out to Nathan Rearick for lending us that drum! 

We very much appreciate the love that Grid Book has shown us and we are happy to support quality drumming education in all forms. The internet has allowed drummers to communicate and share their art with each other over the years. We hope our videos encourage other players to create more content and explore their abilities, bringing more “styles” to the drumming community. 

- Kiran Singh and Sam Farr, 2019



Sam Farr: @samfarr56
Kiran Singh: @thenoon13 


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