Grid Book Etude: "Turquoise Noise"

Grid Book Nation! We are excited to present Grid Book Etude "Turquoise Noise" by Mark Perrett & Jason Boone! This is such a fun etude to play with a friend! Enjoy this etude and check the link below for sheets!


- Take this at a slow tempo first to ensure quality.
- Seek out trouble spots and practice the check patterns for those measures.
- Isolate skill sets and make an exercises for them.
- Be aware of dynamics and zone changes.

NOTE: In this video, Player 1 (Mark Perrett) and Player 2 (Jason Boone) have turned this etude into a split duet. The etude is written for one person but it is always fun (and encouraged) to find ways to make your own versions of the music as you see here in this video.

SONG: Young Taylor - "Saucin"




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