Shrimpbook Percussion

  • by Mark Perrett

As percussionists our community is small but mighty, we have fast hands, and spend our lives cleaning the beats we play.⁠ That is why we have decided to rebrand this company to something that embodies those values and characteristics. SHRIMP!!

A shrimp’s life is to clean, with quick hands full of dexterity, and they are small, but mighty! We hope you are as excited as we are to embark on this crustacean adventure and truly embody the work ethic of a shrimp.⁠

It’s Time To Clean.⁠

#DreamsDoComeTrue #Iykyk #DiscordGang


And here are some dope wallpapers to hold you over until your new tee comes in! Press and hold or right click to download. Enjoy!




Here are the sheets for the official Shimpbook Etude! Press and hold or right click to download. Enjoy!


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