30 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated High School

At the end of your senior year in high school you feel like you know a lot, but at the same time (deep down) you also feel like you don't know anything. It is hard to give any type of perspective on how much you actually don't know, but the following 10 years after graduation will be some of the most transformative years in your life.

After I graduated from my master's degree I made a list of things I had learned that I wish I knew when I graduated high school. I can't send this list back in time to myself, but I can give it to you. So here is an incomplete manifesto for life that will hopefully shed new light, or further confirm your direction. Enjoy <3

30 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated High School

by Mark Perrett

#1  Nothing is set in stone, nothing.

#2  Forget about being “good” at what you do. “Good” is a predetermined factor. Instead, just be better than you were yesterday and you will surpass and exceed your own expectations.

#3  Embrace failure. If you look at failure as opportunity you wont get discouraged. And if you apply what you learn from your failures they will actually bring you closer to your proposed goals.

#4  Surround yourself with greatness. Just as “you are what you eat” speaks of self nourishment, so does who you spend your time with.

#5  When working on a project, schedule time for mistakes. Take the amount of time you think something will take to do and double it.

#6  Get rid of the need for instant gratification.

#7  Don't live your life based off of what someone else said was going to happen.

#8  Do what you love, every single day.

#9  Take advantage of the time you have, for work and for play.

#10  Travel. It doesn't matter where you go, just go.

#11  Be confident, not cocky.

#12  Don't listen to everything people tell you.

#13  Help other people for no reason. You will be surprised with what happens next.

#14  Don't be "cool". Cool has limits. Be yourself and surround yourself by people who enjoy what you do naturally.

#15  Always be a student. The positive effects of learning something new has no age limit.

#16  Be able to laugh at yourself. If you take yourself too seriously you will find people laughing at you rather than with you.

#17  Write things down, record your life, you can't remember everything.

#18 Persistence prevails, always. When your desire to succeed outweighs the adversity fighting against your dreams, thats when you’ll find success. 

#19  Let others help you. Doing it on your own can only take you so far.

#20  You should not be a product of your circumstances, your circumstances should be a product of you.

#21  Following the wise words of Will Smith, "Don't be realistic. Being realistic is the most traveled road to mediocrity."

#22  On a long enough timeline, developed skills can exceed natural talent.

#23  The journey is much more important than the destination.

#24  Don't get upset when people judge your work in progress. Take the heat, decipher the good, & keep going. Only you can clearly see the end goal.

#25  Go to college because you want to learn something, not because you have to.

#26  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

#27  Don't hate on people, help them.

Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.

#29  Stay honest, it is much less work in the long run.

#30  If you have to force something it’s because it doesn’t fit.



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