A Rite Of Passage

This is an old #GridbookMotivation post from our Instagram. We have people ask us all the time to link them to this video because it gets lost in the feed, so we decided to upload it to youtube and make a new GRIDBOOK MOTIVATION playlist so you can always find it.

This message isn't for everyone, as we're all on different parts of the timeline, but if it's for you you'll know it. Keep going.


“You know, sucking, not being good at this, is a rite of passage that you have to go through if you want to be great at this. All the people that you look at, all the people that you idolize, you’re watching on YouTube, you see them at finals, you see them in the lot, all of those people at one point SUCKED!

If you’re gonna get upset, get upset that you’re not working hard enough. You can’t get upset. You can’t get down on yourself. And the worst thing you can do, the WORST thing, that you can do is quit.

You have to keep going and it has to be a daily grind. It has to be something that is part of your lifestyle. And as long as it’s part of your lifestyle, you allow yourself to fail, and you just keep going, I guarantee you’re gonna find the success you’re looking for.”

- Mark Perrett, Gridbook Percussion Co-founder


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