Behind The Design: 2020 Grid Book Flag Logo

Behind The Design

Here is another annual Grid Book logo update! It’s always fun to evolve the logo and see what kind of cool things we can do with it. With this concept we made the flag logo thinner, chose a new font with rounded edges, and opened the stick “X” a bit to make the sticks slimmer. The Grid Book Nation flag isn't going anywhere, but this is a fun new addition to the design library! 



For those who don't know the exact meaning behind our company name here is a breakdown:

GRID - A “grid” is a network of evenly spaced intersecting lines. In music, "The Grid" is a framework where all rhythms exist. Rhythm is made up of notes (partials) and the space between the notes. The Grid is the true foundation of rhythm. All musicians will have their own relationship the The Grid, but it is our one unifying truth. Therefore, whether you know it or not, any rhythm you play on any instrument lives within The Grid.


BOOK - A “book” is a collection of information. Books help people learn, but represent so much more. In a way, our company is an open book that promotes learning, sharing, and developing a sense of unity. We are a percussion education brand, and just like a book, we do our best to pass on knowledge to the next generation.


THE STICKS - Drumsticks on their own are iconic. Without saying anything, the drumsticks are what we all connect to immediately. It doesn't matter your age, race, religion, or creed, if you make music with a drumstick you're family.


THE THREE LINES - Everything in life has a beginning, middle, and end. And knowing that gives you a lot of perspective about how to react to situations. If something is really bad, you know there is a beginning, middle, and end to it. So there isn’t really any reason to worry too much, because whatever it is, you know you'll start it, do your best through it, and eventually overcome it. On the other hand if something really amazing is happening you know you have to cherish that moment in time and live that experience to the fullest. Because nothing gold can stay, so you might as well enjoy it and give it everything you got.




Want To Get Better?

We have a large variety of percussion education books to help you #GetBetter and reach your goals. Browse our percussion education library below:

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