Drumming Is A Lifestyle

Here is another #GridbookMotivation post from our Instagram vault. We have people ask us all the time to link them to this video because it gets lost in the feed, so we decided to upload it to youtube and make a new GRIDBOOK MOTIVATION playlist so you can always find it. Enjoy fam.


“Drumming is a lifestyle.

We focus on the music, but the side effects of being in this community is something that honestly makes us better people. The time you spend perfecting your craft, the adversity you go through, the people you meet, and the relationships you build…

Drumming provides us the vehicle to work on ourselves. We have to be better, and in the act of getting better we learn a process that translates into anything else we want to do in life. And you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the benefits.

Doctors, Janitors, Lawyers, Sales Clerks, Architects, it doesn’t where you end up in life. What matters is the empathy you gain for yourself and others around you. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves. And that mixture of culture, that mixture of so many different ideas housed under one roof, makes what we do something beautiful.”

- Mark Perrett, Gridbook Percussion Co-founder


Want To Get Better?

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