Getting Better With Partial Gridding

Time to show off some flaws! It's been a while since I've practiced, and the beauty of this exercise is you can tell right away when something is off.

No matter how good you get, your chops go away if you don't practice regularly! This is an exercise I have played thousands of times, but today I found a lot of errors in my playing.

The beauty of this exercise is that it is complex enough to keep my mind engaged, but simple enough to for me to see my inconsistencies very clearly. Practicing this exercise over and over allows me to calibrate my playing and build dexterity with diddles and accents. This has a lot of transferable benefits for playing modern rudimental literature so it is a go-to for myself and my students. I love that there is NO HIDING with these gridding exercises, it's all or nothing!

Here are some things I noticed:


- A little too much side-to-side motion in the mark time.

- Tacet hands are too far apart in the sticks out. I need to work on better playing zone accuracy in tacet.

- The first measure didn't start with momentum. So I have to catch back up by adding more energy in the second measure rather than starting with the correct energy in the prep before playing the first note.

- Taps are overplayed. I'm over rotating making them too high. This can be fixed with better control of the rebound after each downstroke. The goal is for all taps to be parallel to the head at the maximum rebound point.

- My accents are rebounding to different heights. This is a two height exercise, and I'm making it a 10 height exercise!

- Some of my diddles are too open causing an inconsistent quality of sound. Every diddle should have the same rhythmic spacing regardless of accent height.


So much left to fix! But that is why I love this book so much! It truly humbles you and allows you to fix a lot of things at one time. And this is 1 exercise of over 900 in this book!! If you don't have this one already, I recommend you pick it up! Here is the info of what I'm playing in this video:

BOOK: Partial Gridding
PAGE: 51
VARIATIONS: Forwards & Backwards (No tap in-between)
HEIGHT: 12" to 3"
MARK TIME: Quarter Notes
BPM: 140


Tag us in your progress videos and use hashtag #GB_Percussion for a feature! Remember, Forwards AND Backwards, & no tap in-between!!




This book is available right now in Digital and Physical formats! Check it:


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