GRID WARS: Epic Intergalactic Sagas

Every year, in celebration of "Star Wars Day" (May the Fourth), we create short intergalactic sagas mixing our love of Star Wars and Percussion! Here is the full collection of movies. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!


GRID WARS | EPISODE 1 | The Chops Awaken
Watch as a Drum Trooper searches for a book to bring back his chops.



GRID WARS | EPISODE 2 | Rogue Chops
Watch as a Drum Trooper saves the universe and restores chops back to all drummers in the galaxy.


GRID WARS | EPISODE 3 | Revenge Of The Sticks
Watch as a Drum Trooper saves the universe from unbalanced sticks.


GRID WARS | EPISODE 4 | The Solo (Epic Drum Battle)
Watch as a Drum Trooper fights an evil villain in an epic drum battle to reclaim his beloved book Partial Gridding!




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