Pride And Equality

We stand for equality.

That is a simple principle we wholeheartedly believe in.

We believe that all people deserve to be treated equally, have equal rights and opportunities, and should not be judged based on their Race, Skin Color, Sex, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Religious Beliefs or any other self defining trait.

We support being proud of who you are.

At Gridbook our main focus is chasing greatness, sharpening your craft, and using percussion performance as a vehicle for personal and professional growth.

The beautiful thing about greatness is that anyone can achieve it. Greatness is defined by the passion you have, the hours you put in, and your ability to entertain, educate, motivate, and innovate regardless of the adversity you face.

So be kind, be your true self, and go be great!


Along with many links to resources and ways to support the LGBTQ+ and BLM communities, we are making some dope t-shirts as well!

We have a GRIDBOOK PRIDE TEE and GRIDBOOK EQUALITY TEE available in black and white colorways.

Also, we want to give a very big shoutout to Amanda Mendoza Mena (@softmanda) for helping with this release. You are an amazing person and role model to so many. Thank you for being you!



1. We planned to release this at the beginning of the month, (Happy Pride Friends!) but I think we can all agree that none of us are living life "According To Plan" right now. As we all continue to struggle, fight, and work towards a better tomorrow, let's remember to be kind to each other, treat each other with respect. And remember, Black Lives, LGBTQ+ Pride, and being a good human being is something that matter all year long.

2. We are a very small company, so most of our time is spent creating this platform you have grown to love, and making amazing educational material to help develop and evolve the percussion community. 2020 has been a difficult year for us, but we are grateful for the silver lining of becoming more aware of issues that plague our community and effect the people we serve.

So we have been taking time to research, communicate, and share ways to fight injustice and prejudice. Because at the end of the day being a percussion performer is so much more than the performance itself. And our mission is, and has always been, to develop great people first, and great performers second.

3. BE KIND. We know most people won't be looking through the hundreds of links and videos we have posted to our website over the past few weeks, and that's ok. But at the core of everything, let's do our best to choose love over hate, and to be kind to each other.

4. PHILANTHROPY - Currently, and unfortunately, we can't afford to make donations to these causes right now. We almost didn't put the shirts out because we knew we couldn't afford to donate, but after many conversations with people who wanted garments to help amplify the message we decided to offer the shirts. The goal is to eventually be able to make charitable donations to support communities in need. For now, the money from these tees will be used to purchase the materials and packaging to make the shirts, and fund the process of making them.

Thank you all.

Peace & Love,
Gridbook Co-Founders





We believe in equality and hope the world will evolve into a place that truly allows equality for all. Until then, we will continue to amplify the voices of the oppressed and fight for a world free from hate where being yourself is accepted, normalized, and promoted.

Below are some resources where you can learn about and support groups facing oppression.




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