Studio Freestyle With Mark Perrett

At Grid Book, we are constantly talking about the art of drumming. We have very specific guidelines we create, specific exercises to work on specific things, and dive deep into performing with a scientific lens. But at the end of the day, what we play is music.

As much as we preach the technical side of drumming, don't forget to have fun and just drum. This video showcases a random drumming session of simply putting on a track and drumming. Everything in this video is freestyled and this was one of the first times Mark Perrett had heard this song. The goal was to sketch out some ideas for future compositions and really just play more to the FEEL of the music in the moment, rather than to playing pre-made beats on top of a track.

Some of this eventually became parts in Grid Book compositions down the road, and it is sketches like this that help brainstorm ideas and allow you to play things you might not have thought about in a more structured environment.

So keep drumming to music, experimenting, and have fun drumming!

SONG: Anomalie - "New Space"

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