Flam Five Rudiment Breakdown

In this video we demonstrate the "Flam Five" rudiment.

REP 1: In the first rep, the hands are playing on a single surface so you hear the full rudiment.

REP 2: In the second rep, Mark puts his right hand on a louder surface so you can hear the right hand pattern. He is still playing the exact same thing, but the right hand pattern is emphasized.

REP 3: On the third rep, Mark plays with his left hand on louder surface so you can hear the left hand pattern.

REP 4: On the final rep the hands are back on the same surface so you hear the rudiment in full. (Same as REP 1)

What is important to understand is that in all 4 reps, Mark is playing the exact same thing. Nothing is changing except what you hear. This way of breaking down your music is called a "Hands Separate Approach". Anything you play with two hands has a pattern for each hand, and isolating those patterns is a great way to break down your music.




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