Ability Over Expectation.

You have to practice until your ability far exceeds what is expected of you. Too often students will stop practicing once they reach the minimum requirements from their staff. But there is so much more to do!

The best players are the ones who don’t set limits on themselves and push as far as they can. You have to look at everything you’re being asked to do and push past those boundaries.

Because when your ability exceeds the expectation, that is when it really gets fun.

That is when you get to work on consistency. Now instead of worrying about getting one rep performed correctly, you’re focusing on getting 10 reps in a row performed perfectly without error. Then when the time comes to perform in front of the audience, you have a much higher chance of pulling out a quality rep.

So keep perfecting your craft. Look not at what is expected of you, but what the pinnacle of the activity is, and try to beat that. Don't just be the best locally, be the best that ever lived.


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