Always Play With Quality

Just a reminder to everyone practicing: ALWAYS PLAY WITH QUALITY!

Whether you're "Just Messing Around" or actively working on something, always use good sound quality and proper technique.

“Hacking” is a term used by many percussionists as drumming without a purpose or goal. And we ALL do this. Sometimes we will be hard at work fixing some of our music, and then, without warning, you're just playing flam drags and paradiddle diddles with no height separation. But this can actually develop some bad habits. So any time you play, even if it is "Just Messing Around", you should play with quality.


Yes. “Quality” is subjective. So it is your job to determine the genre of quality you’re working towards and make sure you’re playing with purpose towards that standard. The key is to always practice how you want to perform so your performance has the highest potential to be great.


Want To Get Better?

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