Auditions Are Tomorrow

Greatness is a mentality. If you don't constantly put the pressure on yourself, you might find an opportunity and be completely unprepared for it. 

For example, auditions for WGI and DCI are soon approaching, but your training for it should have started at the beginning of this year.

If auditions were tomorrow, would you be ready? Have you clocked the hours?

I bet if auditions were tomorrow you would be putting in every last bit of effort trying to prepare before you show up.


Instead, you have to prepare EARLY AND DAILY. You have to act as if your audition date is "tomorrow". That will help develop a sense of urgency and allow you the time to fully prepare. Otherwise you might get caught underdeveloped at a camp.

Even if your potential is high, that means nothing without work. So get started now. Winning starts in pre-season. Let's go. 


Want To Get Better?

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