Don't Choke The Stick

When you drum, the stick plays an important role in the sound quality you produce. You could have the best drum, heads, and tuning in the world, but if you are squeezing too tight, you may choke off the vibration of the stick so much that it creates a short, dull tone from the instrument. The head vibration, the air escaping from the drum, and the vibration of the stick itself all help create the sounds you hear when a drumline plays!

Sometimes this could be what you want, and it is also important to change pressures in your grip for certain demands, but drumming should always FEEL GOOD when you play. A lot of that comes from the relaxation in your grip.

Aside from the physical pressure on the stick, squeezing too tight also hinders the motion of your hands and the rebound will sometimes become slow and choppy.

A good exercise for this is to play any "legatos" exercise (8 On A Hand) and practice changing the pressure of your grip and relaxation in your hands/wrist. Go from VERY loose, to VERY tight. Then move that pressure where you feel the most comfortable. Everyone will have their own preference on this, but this detail could make the difference between "good playing" and "great playing". Give this a shot and let us know how it goes!

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