Don't Wait To Be Great.

In all the years we have been teaching, there is a common thing we see that holds a lot of people back from reaching their full potential. And that is:


Don’t wait for someone to make you better, don’t wait for the right moment to start preparing for something, don’t wait for the season to roll around, don’t wait!


If you want to be great at something it takes A LOT of time to develop. And you might think 2-3 months is a long time, but it usually takes years to develop world class performance qualities.

Let’s say you want to try out for a world class DCI or WGI group. A lot of people wait until the audition packet is released to start preparing, (Or literally wait until a few weeks before the audition to really dig in), but they soon realize that’s not enough time. So instead, you should be working to develop your performance as soon as possible to have your best shot at making your future ensemble. That way you have the most time possible to develop and won’t feel rushed during the process.


Want To Get Better?

We have a large variety of percussion education books to help you #GetBetter and reach your goals. Browse our percussion education library below:


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