Learn From Your Mistakes And Move On


Making mistakes can sometimes be paralyzing. We’re all taught that making a mistake is a "bad thing" so we do everything we can to avoid them, but sometimes, we think so much about making mistakes that we make MORE mistakes due to a lack of focus brought upon by anxiety and the fear of failure.

This can obviously be problematic. If you’re sharing your focus with fear, that means the task is not getting your full energy.

So instead, think of your mistakes as opportunities to get better.

This alleviates the stress of the mistake because it turns it into a good thing rather than a bad thing. With this mindset you can focus all of your energy on the task at hand and can progress much faster with less grief.

In a performance setting, things are happening at such a fast pace that even one mistake can really derail the mind. In my years of teaching I have seen a great performance turn sour because one person in the ensemble messes up and causes a chain reaction of mistakes within themselves and others performing with them. That is why It is equally important to move on quickly from your mistakes. And in a performance setting the mistake has to come and go instantly. You make the mistake, you recover quickly, and then it is as if it never happened! Sometimes I even see performers who will literally parade the mistake around with upsetting body language almost to say “I messed up and I want you to know that I know I messed up.”

This doesn’t help anybody.

So make sure you are staying focused when you are performing, and if you make a mistake, get back in as quickly as possible, give the mistake no emotion or energy, and act as if it never happened. Then on the back end, think about why the mistake happened and use it to get better. 

Mistakes are inevitable in this activity, but your reaction and philosophy about mistakes can help your potential for growth.



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