For many of us, our band season goes in cycles. And we all know that "end of the season" feeling. You worked hard, fought through lots of adversity, and came out with something you are proud to look back on. But what happens now?

The next season might seem like a long way away, but it's a lot closer than you think. Taking some time immediately after a season ends to collect yourself and rest a bit is important, and we are big supporters of self care, but if you want to make your next season great, you have to live a lifestyle of getting better daily. The best players in the world practice every day, relentlessly, aiming to simply be better than they were yesterday.

We have seen people show up to auditions or come into the first day of band camp after weeks of not practicing. Those performers often don't do well because it is very hard to get back in the groove during an intense performance situation. But if you come in living a lifestyle of daily practice you are coming in as a contributor to the success of the ensemble.

Whether you have plans to make an audition, make your section better, make a leadership position, or simply want to get better individually, you can't "go on vacation". The journey simply continues and is always moving forward.

Game On.


Want To Get Better?

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