Practice Is Individual Rehearsal Is The Group

You have heard it before: "Hey! Practice at home!" But why? Why should I practice at home when I have practice all through the week anyway?

The answer is, practice is for the individual, and rehearsal is for the group. When you are together with everyone else in the ensemble it is expected that you bring what you learned in your personal practice time to the table. If you are trying to practice in rehearsal what ends up happening is the group does not get better. The instructors and performers have to wait for you to learn your music, fix your technique, or do any other "first time learning" situations.

But when every person practices at home and brings that knowledge to rehearsal, EVERYONE gets better. Rehearsal then solidifies and expands upon those skills.

So next time you are thinking about skipping out on practice because you’ll just “get it during rehearsal, remember that will only slow the process down. Instead, do your best to come as prepared as possible so when the crew gets together, the pace of rehearsal can go as fast as possible.


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