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When you're part of a percussion section you’re part of a family. And when you show up to rehearsal it is your job to provide for the family. This means giving everyone the best version of yourself AT ALL TIMES! Knowing exactly what to do to bring value to your team can be ambiguous at times, so here are

6 Tips To Help You Provide For The Family:

#1 - Know Your Music Before You Come To Rehearsal
#2 - Show Up Early And Set Up
#3 - Communicate Effectively
#4 - Fulfill Your Responsibilities Before Rehearsal
#5 - Share Your Knowledge
#6 - Ask Intelligent Questions

And these are just a few examples! There is so much you can do to be an active member and positive influence on the people around you. You should always be working to make the most out of each day regardless of adversity or pressure from outside interference. So be proactive and encourage others to do the same. Because when you provide for the family, every one wins.



- GB


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