Strokes Are The Foundation Of Rudimental Drumming.

When you drum, it could be the most complicated music you have ever played in your life, but it all leads back to basic stroke types.

Understanding how your music was built is an important part of being a great musician. Legatos might be a "boring" exercise for some people, but mastering the legato stroke is as important as water in Kool-Aid.

Spend time really developing your strokes. And don't be satisfied by simply playing the rhythm. Listen to your sound quality, how your hand feels, the amount of pressure on the stick, your bead placement, the height of each rebound & making them all the same, the angle of your stroke, the list goes on... Once you truly develop your legato stroke, everything else will get better.


Want To Get Better?

Here are some great books to help you develop stroke types:





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