The Mental Game, The Only Game.

In marching percussion there are many physical demands, but much of it is governed by your mental state of mind. There are, of course, physical limitations to what you can do, but your mentality when you’re on the field makes a big difference between a great rep and an average rep.

We focus a lot of energy into our playing and marching, but don’t be afraid to invest in mental stamina exercises and exploring different levels of mental toughness. Try doing exercises that challenge your mind, work on retention exercises with repetition for extended periods of time, and don’t shy away from reading books and watching videos about how to stay focused during performance.

A great book that has always helped with this concept is called “The Inner Game Of Music” by Barry Green and Timothy Gallwey. This book has some great exercises for mental focus that can help every physical aspect of what you do.

Overall, understand that ALL of what you do is governed by your mental game. So make sure you’re spending time developing that side of things as well.


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