The Mineral Creates The Mountain

  • by Grid Book Percussion

You might think you're not important sometimes. Especially if there are others in your section who are way better than you. We all think that at some point when in a group setting, but it is far from the truth. 

You are more important than you know. In the marching arts there is no hiding. Whether you play center snare or triangle, every role is equally important.

As you move through your season you have to be individually strong. You have to know your music like the back of your hand, develop your individual playing ability, and be 100% solid on your drill. The stronger each individual is in the ensemble, the better the entire ensemble will be.

Remember, The Mineral Creates The Mountain, and no matter how small you think your role may be, it plays a role in making the larger entity the best it can be.

So make sure you’re solid individually so when you join your team you make something great together. 

Now go practice! 


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