Understand The Power Of High Standards And Low Expectations.

We want to be great at what we do, but most of the time we fall short of our expectations. This is especially apparent in the performing arts because you are inspired by someone great, but when you go to do the same thing for yourself you find out you suck at it.

This causes a lack of confidence and can really leave you unmotivated to continue. But if you can shift your mindset to something that allows room for error and personal growth you will not only last longer in the activity, but probably progress even faster.

That mentality is this:

Have High Standards And Low Expectations.

You want to be great, so your standards should be as high as you can set them. Look at the people who are the best in the world, including through all of history, and set your standards ABOVE what they have accomplished.

But don’t expect to get there right away, or even soon.

Instead, keep your expectations very low. If you do not reach your goals right away don’t give up or even get upset. Don’t waste that energy trying to expect greatness right away. Just do your best and keep going until the goals are reached.

But shouldn’t I be trying to have my best rep every time?

YES. The goal is to be great, and you should be working towards putting forth your very best with anything you do, but the mentality on the back end is that if you don’t reach your goal that’s ok. You’ll just keep trying until the goal is reached.

This mentality will allow you to stay motivated and confident as you slowly progress over time. Because constantly feeling inadequate along your journey is the quickest way for you to quit. And quitting is the only way to ensure the goal will not be reached.


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