You Can't Binge Study World Class Chops.

If you want to ace a test, it is possible to cram the night before and regurgitate that information the day of the test. You get your test back, and BOOM: A+, mission accomplished! But with drumming, even if the only thing you did a few days before an audition was practice, and had all the music memorized, it would be very obvious that you’re still not great at drumming.

World-Class chops take A LOT of time to develop. You have to not only put in the work, but work long enough that your muscles develop dexterity and understanding of the demands of your instrument.

When you drum you’re using a lot of muscles. Your fingers, wrists, and forearms need to do the motions over and over again in the proper technique to develop the right way. It is similar to body building in that you don’t develop a perfect, symmetrical physique overnight. Body builders live a lifestyle of going to the gym, calculated eating, and knowing what process to use to shape each muscle group. As a musician, the understanding of your process should be just just as diligent.

Knowing this, it is important you look at your schedule and make time for daily practice. Practicing shouldn’t be something you “fit in” when you have time, but something mandatory you do every day. Develop good habits of time management and eventually it will just become how you live your life. That way you won’t have to cram the night before, and on a long enough timeline, you’ll actually accomplish your goals.


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