100 Reps Tee - Black


When we practice, sometimes the thing that holds us back isn't what we're practicing, it is how long we're willing to play something over and over to build consistency and endurance.

Many of our students will only play things 5 or 6 times before moving on, which may be enough to "know the part", but it doesn't put you into a mental state of repetition that builds the muscle memory we need as performers.

So instead of playing something 4, 5, or even 10 times, go for 100 reps. If you have never done that before it might seem impossible, and you might have to work your way up to it, but playing something 100 times without stopping isn't as crazy as you think and does a few great things for your mind and body:

1. DEVELOP MENTAL ENDURANCE - Your show might be 6-11 minutes long depending on your activity, so you will need to be able to focus for that long at one time. So playing 100 reps in a row puts you in a more realistic place as it relates to the end goal of performing your show. It only takes 3min 28sec to play 100 measures of 16th notes in 4/4 at 115bpm. With anything you do, you should tailor the process to your personal preferences/goals, but 100 Reps is a great starting place.

2. BUILD CHOPS - If you only ever play your music a few measures in a row, you gain understanding of what it is, but you don't actually build muscle strength. Then when you try to play for longer you get fatigued and your quality suffers. So playing 100 reps in a row will actually develop your muscles for long enough that you can play longer and stronger than before. 

3. PROVIDE A CLEAR PATH FOR SELF CRITIQUE - When you play something over and over for a long time you actually have more time to see what you're doing. Even simple fundamental exercises move on too quickly to a new variation to give you time to really dive into a single motion. When you're on rep 65/100 you might notice something about yourself you never realized before. (EX: Wow my diddles are actually very crushed.)

So use this mentality to help you grow. Adjust the number of reps as needed for you and your goals, but make sure you are willing to isolate a skill set, and focus on one singular thing for very a long time. Every student we have used this method with has seen significant improvements over time, sometimes even in the first day! 

Keep going, stay focused, and don't be afraid to do 100 REPS!