Check Adjust Reset Tee - Black

When practicing and developing marching drill maneuvers, you are given small assignments of your show to fix nuances and details of your performance. On the last count of the assignment, you will freeze in place. Then you do a series of self critique that helps you understand what needs to be fixed.

1. "CHECK" means look at where you are in the drill. Do not move your body/foot placement, but be aware of your relationship to others around you.

2. "ADJUST" means adjust your body/foot placement to the correct position in the drill. Take note of the error you made and what you had to do to fix it so you can make adjustments on the next rep.

3. "RESET" means run back to start the assignment over. When you perform the move again, the goal is to make the adjustment you just discovered from the previous move.

After multiple reps of doing this you eventually dial in the perfect execution of the move. Then the goal is to create consistency in the move with the proper technique, intervals, and step sizes. And a when you reach that spot in the show during a full run-through you recreate those adjustments to achieve mastery of your performance.