Tenor Fundamentals (Book)


Tenor Fundamentals is a book full of basic exercises for rudimental percussionists. This book includes hundreds of exercise variations, and provides information about how to read music, percussion notation, study habits, and much more. Through the use of visual diagrams, this is a great book for any tenor performer.

Pages:  123 Pages
Type:  Paperback
Binding:  Spiral Bound
Dimensions:  L 11.5" W 9" H .25" 
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Language:  English
Series:  Drumline Fundamentals



John Lluvera, Co-Founder of GB Percussion, is an educator, author, and clinician in the percussion community. John’s musical background includes instruction from world renowned music educators. John has been teaching in the activity for over 15 years including highly respected ensembles such as The Bluecoats, Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory For The Arts, and Infinity Percussion. Many of his student have continued in the field of percussion to perform and teach with some of the best ensembles in the world.


Mark Perrett, Co-Founder of GB Percussion, is a prominent marching arts educator in the percussion community. Mark’s musical background includes instruction from world renowned music educators. Mark has been teaching in the activity for over 15 years including the BOA Grand National Champion ensemble Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory For The Arts. Many of his student have continued in the field of percussion to perform and teach with some of the best ensembles in the world.

Product Overview

The Power Of Fundamentals

Fundamentals are the key to success for any rudimental player. This book was written to help a wide range of students, performers, and instructors in the drumline community develop a solid foundation for rudimental drumming.

A Process That Works

This book starts you from the very beginning of a world-class process and allows you to develop over time. Music is a language, and just as you learn words before learning sentences, you will learn how to piece together skill-sets to create musical phrases.

Each chapter focuses on a single skill-set and every new skill relates back to the previous chapter as you work through the book.

Essential Skill-Sets
Play With Quality
This Book Includes
Practice With Others
Perform Confidently

Tenor Fundamentals covers 7 basic skills required to play your instrument. In the drumline universe, all music can be broken down into these 7 skill sets.


We focus on quality performance and help you build a solid foundation on rudimental snare drum using a step-by-step approach. The exercises in this book are the true building blocks for world-class rudimental performance and with a simple format, you will see guaranteed results very quickly.

1.   An entire section about how to read music and subdivide starting from the very beginning.

2.   Information about phrasing and provides a variety of exercise formats for each skill set.

3.   Recommended study habits on how to use this book effectively.

4.   The most effective industry standard exercises used by drumlines around the world.

5.   Detailed information at the beginning of each chapter about the exercises you are about to play to achieve better results from your practice sessions.

6.   Optional exercise variations for those who want to dig deeper into each skill set.

7.   A steady increase of difficulty of exercises throughout the book.

8.   Unlimited support. If you have a question about how to use the book in any way we are here to help.

A great way to learn how to play is to surround yourself by others who play the drums as well.

Snare Fundamentals was designed to be simple so you can practice with anyone from any skill level and still gain a lot of insight about your playing. We also designed all books in the Drumline Fundamentals series to work together.

Everything we do has one very specific goal: to get you playing confidently in the real world. That’s why we go so in-depth with each skill set. Whether you’re brushing up on an old hobby, practicing drumming for the first time, or woking towards mastery in rudimental percussion, you’ll be ready to handle real-world performance conditions.

  • What you practice in this book will translate to everything else you play in your entire career.

  • Allows you to be more prepared for any new music you play.

  • Helps with sight reading.

  • Avoid bad habits by following a proven system that create true results.

  • Fill the gaps in your approach with a complete system for rudimental performance.

  • Expand your vocabulary with over 900 exercise variations.

  • Simple Organization

    This book is organized into two parts. PART 01 "The Pedagogy" teaches you how to approach this book. PART 02 includes all of the practice exercises with breakdown information for each skill-set.


    More Than Just Exercises

    We wrote this book to be a practice companion. PART 01 covers a variety of topics to set you up for success before practicing the exercises in PART 02.


  • Understanding the process and how to take your time to develop the right way.
  • Understanding Talent vs Skill and your potential for greatness.
  • How To Read Music.
  • Music Notation.
  • Understanding groupings.
  • Knowing how to subdivide. (Visual Diagrams)
  • Practice tips for approaching music in general.
  • Learning quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes, quarter note triplets, and 16th note triplets.
  • The Power Of Format
    Customize Your Curriculum
    Dig Deeper With Variations

    This book uses formats commonly seen in drumline culture. You will learn the importance of format and that will help you organize your own exercises in the future.

  • Anatomy of the exercises.
  • The Check.
  • The Variation.
  • The Turnaround.
  • Turnaround Types.
  • Quarter Note Turnaround.
  • 8th Note Turnaround.
  • 8th Note Triplet Turnaround.
  • “Short” Format.
  • “Long” Format.
  • “Short-Short-Long” Format.
  • This is a great book for group performance and is easily customizable to create a curiculum that works for you or your students. We use this book with all of our private lesson students and with the drumlines we teach.

    One of the best features of this book is the Variation Key in the center of each spread. The exercises are written in a way to give you the full value of each skill set, but also has interchangeable beats so you can perform multiple variations of that skill set using the same exercise.


    PART 01: The Pedagogy


    Get Ready To Drum

    PART 02 allows you to dive in and get your hands moving with a purpose. The exercises are simple so you can use more of your focus and energy towards mastering each skill-set.

    PART 02 is divided into 7 chapters, all detailing one of the 7 basic rudimental skills. Developing a level of mastery with all 7 chapters will provide a solid foundation for the rest of your drumming career.


    The exercises in this section are the foundation for all rudimental drumming. Everything that you play can all lead back to one of the Three Fundamental Stroke Types. Spend quality time with these exercises as the skill sets you develop here will translate into everything else you learn throughout this series.

    The building blocks for all rhythm can be broken down into timing exercises. That makes this chapter one of the most important in the entire book. This section dives deep into rhythmic accuracy and covers a wide range of topics on the subject.

    Multiple Strokes allows you to take what you learned in the STROKES and TIMING chapters to play faster strokes in each hand. This acts as a great primer for roll rudiments. A mastery of multiple strokes will not only help you with playing rolls, but all flam rudiment combinations as well.

    The rolls chapter takes the double stokes you develop in the MULTIPLE STROKES chapter and puts your hands together to play rolls. Then works you through a step-by-step process to help speed up your rolls while maintaining quality.

    Paradiddle rudiments are essential tools used in every genre of rudimental drumming. This chapter takes the single strokes (para) from the Timing Chapter, and double strokes (diddle) from the Rolls Chapter to create the Paradiddle rudiment. All partial breakdowns of the Paradiddle and Double Paradiddle are provided to ensure a well rounded approach.

    Fully understanding the purpose of WHY we play buzz rolls and HOW to play them with quality will open up your musicality to a whole new level. This chapter brings you through each partial of a buzz roll so you develop each buzz press before putting them together to create a sustained multiple bounce roll.

    The Flam Chapter teaches you the anatomy of a flam and develops your flams from the ground up. You will take what you learn from the Strokes Chapter to play flams with fluidity and consistency. This chapter also helps you develop multiple flam types including same hand flams and alternating flams with 2, 3, and 4 partial variations.