GB Etudes Vol 1 (Book)


GB Etudes Vol. 1 is a book full of fun and challenging rudimental etudes for you to practice and get better. This book includes 25 etudes, practice tips, and a full notation section to help you understand how to read modern rudimental literature. With a variety of musical demands, this is a great book for intermediate to advanced rudimental performers.



"Welcome to GB ETUDES VOL 1. This book will provide you with fun and challenging music to test your chops and help you develop rudimental excellence. This book is a collection of GridBook Etudes written over the past few years, along with brand new etudes that were never released to the public. Overall, we designed this book to provide a mixture of traditional and modern rudimental concepts. Each etude comes with detailed practice tips written to help you avoid common errors percussionists face when performing the specific demands seen in each piece. Practicing these etudes and following the process explained in the practice tips will help you get better and develop a variety of skill sets. Some etudes may be easy for you, and some may be challenging, but the goal is to provide a wide range of difficulty and help you become a well rounded rudimental percussionist. We hope you enjoy working through this book! Remember to practice how you want to perform and always play with quality. Enjoy!"


DIFFICULTY: Intermediate to Advanced

"THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER BOOK. You should have a good foundation of fundamentals, rudiments, and technique before attempting the music in this book. We are not saying you shouldn’t test your boundaries, but if you are trying to achieve the etudes in this book without proper preparation, you will become very frustrated or won’t be able to perform with quality. This book is designed for intermediate to advanced players looking to further develop their skills and find new demands."



"This book was written to make you a better musician. Don’t just ram through the music, take pride in the detail of each measure. Use the practice tips from each lick to help you perform at the highest level of musicianship. The music in this book is meant to apply directly to modern rudimental vocabulary and help your hands build dexterity. Pay close attention to the dynamics, inflections, and heights for each phrase as you work your way through each etude. Your hands should also FEEL GOOD. None of the etudes in this book should feel bad to play. If you are finding discomfort at any moment, relax and check your approach to the instrument. Apply the fundamentals you have learned so far to help you with this complex music. As you work through this book, take everything as a consideration. We are explaining things our way, but we understand there are many ways to approach rudimental percussion literature. Use what you know and expand upon that. We are simply providing guidelines to help develop your craft. Use the information in this book to achieve personal goals and through each frustration, and victory, always use each experience as an opportunity to learn. Now let’s DRUM!"



GRAPHIC DIAGRAMS & EXPLANATIONS FOR THE FOLLOWING: Stacco, Sticking, Double Stop, Rim, Shot, Buzz, Diddle, Flam, Back Flip, Front Flip, Crossover, Cross Stick, Thumb Roll, Hi-Mom, Pancake, Back Stick, Ghost, Vocals, Stick Heights, Accent Notation, Inner Beats, Playing Musically, Etude



  1. Afternoon Lick
  2. Barbarians Of Boom
  3. Bounce
  4. Buckle Up
  5. Check This Out
  6. Echoes
  7. Eclipse
  8. Egg Beaters & Cheese
  9. Eight Maids A Drummin'
  10. Ghost
  11. In The Lot
  12. Influence
  13. Left Hand Lunch
  14. Let Me See
  15. Metric Waves
  16. Old Skool
  17. Partridge In A Flam Tree
  18. Reality Check
  19. Rocket Science
  20. Strut
  21. Theatre Of Dreams
  22. Three French Rolls
  23. Trust Issues
  24. Under Siege
  25. Walk Witta Limp

* This book is also available as a Digital Download.