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We wanted to create a Marching Arts Drumline Camp where we could get as detailed as possible with all sides of being a great drumline performer. From body posture, hand technique, and rudimental excellence to the mental game, marching demands, and instrument maintenance, we are excited to teach you the art of world-class drumline performance! 



Sunday February 9th, 2020
Online Via Google Meet

Marching Snare Drum
Marching Tenor Drum
Marching Bass Drum

(We will be playing/demonstrating all 3 instruments and going in-depth with each camper on their instrument of choice.)

Phone: 813.704.0466




Open Lobby: Roll Call | 1:30pm - 2:00pm
Block #1 | 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Meal Break | 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Block #2 | 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Open Lobby: Dismissal | 9:00pm - 9:30pm




Step #1: Pay For Camp

Use the payment option at the top of this page to pay for camp. Once you pay for camp your spot is reserved and you are registered. You will receive a Welcome Email within 24 hours with your camp date and orientation info.


STEP 2: Fill Out Camp Questionnaire

Your Welcome Email will include the Grid Book Drumline Camp Questionnaire. Please fill out this online form so we can learn more about your goals and which instrument you will focus on during camp. (Snare, Tenor, or Bass)


STEP 3: Show Up To Camp

That’s it! Get ready to have the time of your life drumming, getting better, and making new life-long friends.



A Streaming Device. (Laptop, Desktop, Phone, Tablet, Etc)
A Strong Internet Connection
A tripod or way to get the camera facing you
Meal For Each Day. (Try to have food nearby for meal break)
Pencils / Highlighter / Notepad
Drum Pad / Drumsticks
Drum/Pad Stand (So you can drum on screen)
A Distraction Free Environment




1 Day Of World-Class Instruction

This camp gives you 6 hours of instruction jam packed with a variety of topics. Our goal is to bring you the best instruction possible and provide you with a great individual experience.


World-Class Curriculum For Rudimental Drumming

Our camp curriculum is designed to give you a progressive process to follow. These are the same exercises, warm ups, and concepts we use with our private lesson students and world-class ensembles. This is the stuff you will be expected to know as a performer in the marching arts.


Grid Book Drumline Packet

All campers will receive the 2020 Grid Book Drumline Packet (digital download) prior to camp with everything we will go over during the camp. 



Read Mark's Bio


John Lluvera Bio
Read John's Bio




With over 20 years of experience in the percussion community, we strive to bring you the best possible information to take your performance to the next level. Our mission is to provide memorable experiences in an inclusive atmosphere that fosters personal, social, and emotional growth. Get ready to have the time of your life drumming, getting better, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Here’s a peek at what you can expect from a Grid Book Drumline Camp: 

 Camp Friends Are Best Friends

The friends made at camp are likely to last a lifetime. The camp experience offers so many opportunities for growth that it is hard not to develop lasting friendships with the people those experiences are shared with.



Learn Something New

Our curriculum is designed to provide a variety of information in an order that helps you develop in a world-class way.


Intimate Class Sizes

Our camps have been designed to provide a very personalized experience. Class sizes are limited to 10 members to provide a lot of individual time and Q&A Sessions.



 World-Class Staff

The Grid Book Staff is best described as phenomenal. Mark Perrett and John Lluvera are outstanding educators who truly care about the individual experience of each camper. With over 20 years educating in the field of percussion and a track record of producing students who perform at the highest levels in the activity, your camper is in good hands.


 Leadership Development

At the end of the day your experience as a marching member is very little about the music, and much more about being a good person. At Grid Book we help students develop leadership qualities that will translate into everything else they do in life. We build great role models and the theme of leadership is something we spread through the entire camp.



Chop Out Sessions

Our famous Chop Out Sessions are fun and exciting with energetic music that we play along to and chop out. This is always a camp favorite.


Our Philosophy

At Grid Book we are committed to the growth and development of our campers. Our mission is to provide memorable experiences in an inclusive community that fosters personal, social, and emotional growth. We truly believe our camps have the power to transform lives and are proud to continue our mission of bringing you the best camp experience in the world.



Here is what past campers had to say: 




What age do I (or my child) have to be to attend camp?
We accept all ages. The concepts we teach during camp are applicable to any skill level.

How Do Online Camps Work?
During your camp days, you will log onto the Grid Book Snare Camp Livestream using the link sent to you via email. Each day will include two 3 hour education blocks where we will go over a variety of topics. You will be interacting with the clinicians during the live stream in a number of ways including playing on your drum or practice pad, listening to masterclass lectures, having conversations, watching other campers drum, and getting personalized feedback for your performance.

Do I have to have a web cam to participate?
We encourage students to use a device that has both audio and video capabilities. That way we can watch you play. But we have had students join the camp without video and they gained a lot of value through simply playing along and watching the stream itself.

Are online camps actually worth it?
Yes, the online camps bring a high level of value and allows you to attend camp from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our online camp includes the same exact curriculum and mission as the In-Studio camp. Students in the past who have attended our online camps have said they loved the experience and many have made drumline auditions since attending. The level of growth for any of our camps is undeniable.

How can I prepare for camp?
The most important thing you can do to prepare for camp is to come with an open mind and a great attitude. Campers are not required to have anything memorized or prepared for camp. Just come ready to learn and have some questions prepared for our Q&A sessions.

What should I bring to camp?
A Streaming Device. (Laptop, Desktop, Phone, Tablet, Etc), A Strong Internet Connection, A tripod or way to get the camera facing you, Meal For Each Day. (Try to have food nearby for meal break), Pencils / Highlighter / Notepad, Drum Pad / Drumsticks, Drum/Pad Stand (So you can drum on screen), A Distraction Free Environment.

Is this camp for beginners only?
This camp is great for beginning to advanced players. We designed the camp to give feedback in an appropriate way as needed for the skills of each camper. 

What is your dismissal policy?

While problems of the following nature are rare, our primary goal is to ensure that all campers have a positive camp experience, therefore, it is understood that a camper will be dismissed from camp if their conduct is detrimental to the camp experience and/or other campers.