Mark Perrett is an energetic and innovative percussion educator from Florida. As Co-Founder of GB Percussion Education, Mark has become a world-wide influencer in the percussion community. Lessons with Mark allows his students to become the best version of themselves, all while having fun. His goal is to help students find their true purpose, outline specific goals, and develop a clear, realistic roadmap to obtain those goals. 




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    Private Lessons are customized to address your personal needs as a student. In a group setting there is usually not enough time to give as much individual instruction as needed, but private instruction is time dedicated to the student personally. This provides focused communication for the student and lets them know everything they need to be working on to get better individually.


    Becoming a master of your craft requires many hours of practicing on your own. Most students spend these hours practicing incorrectly or on material that is not helping them fundamentally. With private lessons, the student is taught how to practice to achieve the best results.


    There are many different processes that makes things easier to learn, understand, and retain information and it is the instructors job to use the process that best fits the students learning curve. In the end, students who take private lessons are more likely to learn at a faster rate.


    Scheduling practice time requires you to have a schedule first. In private lessons the instructor helps the student with understanding the importance of time management so their practice schedule does not interfere with their other studies or lifestyle.


    Private instructors often become great role models for anyone they teach and understand that it is most important to be a great person first. All of the instruction helps define their playing ability, but also helps encourage positivity in life. Plus it is always nice to have a friend who is successful in your area of study.


    Having a hobby that lets you forget about life for a moment is a great thing. Private lessons can act as a healthy outlet in a student's lifestyle. Learning to be great at something you love to do is the happy medium between hard work and having fun.


    It has been proven that taking music lessons or being involved with music at school has a positive effect on reading and mathematic achievement in early childhood and adolescence. Along with building confidence and providing leadership skills, music helps with developing memorization and creates a higher proficiency to retain information.


    More about Mark

    Mark Perrett is a prominent marching arts educator in the percussion community. He has been teaching and performing in the marching activity for the past 15 years. His drum corps experience includes touring as a snare performer with the Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corps in 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2007. In 2004 and 2007, Teal Sound placed 3rd overall in the Division III DCI World Championships, and was awarded the percussion gold medal for the 2004 season.

    In 2008, Mark was the snare technician for the Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corps and has been a percussion arranger, clinician, and consultant for numerous high school percussion programs in Florida since 2004. Mark has held the position of Battery Coordinator with the Tarpon Springs Outdoor Performance Ensemble since 2013. The program marched in the 2013 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and was named the Bands Of America Grand National Champions in 2014.

    Mark is the Co-Founder of the contemporary percussion education brand The Grid Book Series. Since 2012, he has co-authored and published over 9 method books, multiple warm ups for drumline, and solo literature that is used by percussionists all over the world. He has exhibited his books at events like PASIC and WGI Finals, and his pedagogy has been mentioned in percussion articles like and Rhythm & Drums Magazine in Japan. His work has also been showcased at Tropicana Field with the Tampa Bay Rays, Sunset Music Festival, STRAZ Performing Arts Center, TEDx Orlando, and featured on PBS.

    Along with The Grid Book Series Co-Founder John Lluvera, Mark has taught a series of master classes for a multiple universities and percussion events around the Nation including the University of Southern Alabama, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, FAMU, FIU, South Florida Center for Percussive Arts, PAS Florida Day of Percussion, North Florida Day of Percussion, and the Treasure Coast Percussion Camp. Mark also helped develop the curriculum for the Florida Marching Percussion Academy teaching along side world renowned percussion educators Danny Raymond, Dr. Brian Mason, Jeff Lee, and Tom Hurst. Mark has collaborated with Pulse Percussion, RCC, Infinity Percussion, Music City Mystique, Broken City Percussion, Spirit Winter Percussion, Bethune Cookman University, NCCU, FAMU, FSU, The Cadets, The Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Bluecoats, Madison Scouts, the Percussive Arts Society, and many more to create fun, engaging content for the percussion community.

    Mark continues to push the boundaries of percussion education with The Grid Book Series and innovates the way drumming is taught online with over 5 million impressions a year across multiple social media platforms.

    In addition to his talents as a percussion educator, Mark earned a Master’s Degree in Architecture + Community Design from the University of South Florida and is well-versed in graphic design, marketing, photography, videography, apparel design, social media, content creation, branding, and web design.

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