The Journey Is The Event Tee - Black


It’s hard to have faith when your north star fizzles out.

Knowing you won’t get to perform in front of that finals crowd.

Feeling like you worked so hard for nothing.

Not getting the chance to travel with your friends and experience those last few days of the season together.

Knowing you won’t get to see your favorite ensembles perform, and cheer with excitement as confetti fills the arena.

It sucks, there’s no downplaying that. But maybe that stuff is just the cherry on top? Maybe the north star is still lit. And it’s really just inside of you.

Because I believe this community is not defined by an event. The event is not what defines us, it doesn’t validate what we do. It’s simply a way to celebrate it.

The true event is the journey.


When it’s all said and done it’s so little about the performances, and much more about the time you spend in rehearsal, the relationships you build, the silly little moments spent with your best friends, doing that thing you love.

They say that winners are made when the stadiums are empty. But I think you can win even if the stadium never comes.

Think of all the skill you’ve developed this season chasing greatness.

Think about the impact you have already made.

You’ve learned to be relentless.

You have learned what it means to work for something you believe in.

You have so much potential, and have learned that through hard work you can achieve great things.

You have learned not to stop in the face of adversity. Not to admit defeat. To push yourself and those around you to be better.


And I’m not saying that this situation isn’t devastating, but not all is lost.

This isn’t the end.

Your hard work was not in vain.

And if anything let this help us realize that every day you get to march is a gift.

Let this allow you to reflect on your WHY, and what even got you to fall in love with this in the first place.

May this remind you to cherish every moment, the people around you, and to perform every rep like it’s your last.

We are strong, we are capable, and we will get through this, together.

Know that this unfortunate moment in time, like all things, shall pass.

And remember that


So keep going.