In this activity (The Performing Arts) schedules change rapidly. Usually facilities are an issue, and you can never truly plan for the chaos that is inevitable for any performing ensemble.
Since we know that things get crazy during a season (schedules change, music changes, people don't show up, people quit, etc) there is no reason to ever be upset about inconsistent situations. You have to learn how to be flexible. It is a mindset that will help you keep your sanity through the season.
If something doesn't go as planned you have two options. You can either waste time being upset that you "just finished getting your drum and water bottle in the the perfect spot", or you can say "Ok, Cool" and do whatever the next task is. If you allow the chaotic nature of the activity to control your emotions you will stay upset and it will affect your mood which is connected to your performance. ⠀
"Alright guys, I know we just walked a mile to this practice spot and just finished setting up, but the football team is about to come out here, so we have to move."⠀
"WTF? Why do they get the field? We were here first. This isn't fair. Can't they just practice somewhere else? I'm upset."⠀⠀

"Sweet, tell me where to go and I'll make sure we get there as soon as possible."⠀
If you simply focus on being the best you can be in the moment, whether that is performing your music, or being the best at moving to a new location efficiently, know that it is part of the gig and keep it movin! This will not only make things more efficient for you as a member in your ensemble, but your blood pressure will be more consistent through the season as well. lol⠀


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