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Online Training, Mentoring, and Skill Development for students and teachers.

Develop Your Percussion Skills.

Gridbook Percussion Academy is an online training and personal mentoring program teaching you the skills and giving you the resources to live your dream as a percussion performer.
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Designed for percussion performers and educators.
Our method books are perfect for percussionists who want to get better faster. Whether you're a student or teacher, our books will help streamline your process. We took over a decade of experience, organized our methods, and put the information together in a concise, easy to understand format. Our books include a wide range of topics like Technique, Mindset, Movement, Fundamentals, Gridding, and more. That means you’ll spend more time practicing and less time hunting for the right materials to practice. Join thousands of other percussionists who found success using our products. It's time to invest in your performance.
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World-class curriculums, lesson videos, and e-books covering a wide range of skills.
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Music Library

Get access to hundreds of exercises, warm ups, solos, and performance pieces.
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Enjoy individual feedback and advice from expert educators in the percussion community.
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All Skill Levels

From beginner to advanced, we have materials for every step of your percussion journey.
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Track Your Progress

Set goals and keep track of where you're headed on your personalized dashboard.
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New Content Every Week

We release new courses each month and smaller lessons and exercises each week.
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Weekly Classes

Each week we go live to provide feedback, chopout, and help you get better in real time.
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Join Our Private Community

Make friends and get better with other passionate percussionists.
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More than just music, we cover every inch of the process to produce well rounded performers.
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Our sophisticated course player acts as a metronome to make practice easy and effective.
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"The Library"

Our exclusive blog brings you articles, quick tips, and videos to keep you inspired.
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Take notes, highlight, and bookmark sections for quick access during practice.


Choose a plan that's right for you.

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Gridbook Percussion Academy has helped me so much between leadership advice, marching and playing technique, and helping others in the community. I enjoy having access to so much material! Gridbook always helps me #GetBetter.

Shaun Gaspard

Gridbook Percussion Academy has been super beneficial and helpful in my growth as a percussionist. I like having instant access to key resources that help me grow as a student and a performer. I spend many practice hours working through the course material which has been very beneficial to my performance and understanding of the activity.

Jack jackson

There is so much material available through the Gridbook Percussion Academy and I'm loving every second working through it all! I just found a snare solo called "Transitions" in The Woodshed course and it is KILLER! From what I see this is only going to get better from here. Thanks for all you do Gridbook!

jeff ludlow

Gridbook has always been a major source of inspiration and knowledge for me. I’ve been playing for eight years now and incorporating Gridbook routinely in my practice keeps me learning more and more each year. And now with the Gridbook Percussion Academy it makes all of my resources available on the go!

Shaylie Platten

Having all of the literature from Gridbook for such a low monthly fee is genuinely worth it. Plus, knowing I have access to all future books, play-alongs, and course content for the same price is really nice. I'm excited to grow as a player with the Gridbook Percussion Academy.

Gibbson San Luis

This service is the single best thing I ever invested my money in. The sheer amount of genuine advice and love I have received from this community is insane, and I cannot express how valuable this service is if you're interested in getting better at drumming.

Ian Gillies

Gridbook Academy is the best percussion education resource you can find out there right now. It has made it easier for me to practice and my approach to drumming is much more detailed. If you're serious about drumming, Gridbook Academy is where you need to be.

Rohan Chowla

Working with Gridbook has helped me make a DCI snareline, multiple concert ensembles, and further my craft in ways I never would have dreamed of. The Academy provides all of Gridbook’s tried and true methods used by students like myself in such an accessible way.