It is astounding the things people will say on social media. But the biggest thing is not even what they say, it is the fact that they would say it PUBLICLY knowing everyone can see it! And you might even be joking with a friend, but out of context, a lot of what people say "jokingly" can be perceived as malicious and hurtful.

Here is the issue with that. YOU might be ok with the remarks you're saying, but if you are part of a marching band, DCI or WGI group, or any performing ensemble, YOU REPRESENT THAT GROUP!

We can't tell you how many times we have read HURTFUL comments, then look at the person's profile to see them proudly state where they march in their bio. THIS REFLECTS POORLY ON YOUR ORGANIZATION and your "insignificant" comment on someones random post will stay with people forever. That is how great organizations get a bad reputation. 

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to represent yourself as part of a BIGGER PICTURE. You, and what you say, MATTERS and will determine the reputation of your performing group as well as the other performers in it. 

So watch what you say, because everyone is watching and it could cost you, or someone close to you, a spot in an audition or even a job interview someday. And that is a REAL thing.


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