Many situations will arise in this activity when a thick skin is necessary to maintain sanity. You are going to practice as hard as you can just to get more and more critique from your teacher every rehearsal. There will be times where you feel everyone is better than you even though you're trying your best. You will have days where things outside of the activity (relationships failing, hard tests in school, family problems, the list goes on) will make focusing on your performance really hard. ⠀
But the show must go on.⠀
There are many other things that will try to get under your skin while you are living life as a performer, but the more adversity you can overcome, the stronger you will become as a person.⠀
When it is all said and done, it will be difficult for other activities to match the sense of accomplishment you’ll get when you’re finished here. Plus, you will be able to use what you learn in the marching arts with everything else you do in life. So stay strong, develop a thick skin, and keep pushing through all adversity.


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