The main goal in life is to be happy. So find what you love and do your best to make that part of your daily lifestyle. Whether it is a small part, or a big part of your life, the joy you get from doing the things you love is worth making time to do them. 

If you love drumming, even if it is not part of your career, find a way to drum for fun. And maybe it’s not something you HAVE to do every single day, but keep it a regular part of your life. 

This might seem like a simple (and obvious) thing to do, but in the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we forget to do things simply because we love them. And the older you get, the further away those hobbies seem to get. After a while you might find that you never do the things you love because you’re too busy, or you have no “purpose” to do those things. But we can tell you from experience, adding a small amount of passion into your life can go a long way. 

So look at your life schedule, and find ways to put that thing you love doing into your life. Because life is short, and you might as well live a lifestyle that includes doing what you love.


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