The nature of this activity can sometimes allow attitudes and emotions to get above normal levels of discomfort. We are performers, so that means everything we do is on display to be judged at all times. This allows unhealthy behavior to flourish and the opportunity for “hate” to grow. I have seen it so many times where people talk bad about each other and as much as we don’t think it matters what we say, it certainly does.

You would be surprised how often you may be discouraging someone with your words or actions towards them and not even realize it. So be careful with the way you interact with people when they are really working hard towards something. And of course, there are times where we will be sarcastic with our friends, but along with the sarcasm, don’t forget to tell people when they are doing a good job. 

Maybe it is a utopian ideology, but I think we should all encourage each other, share great ideas with one another, collaborate on things, and help each other grow over time. We are all here for the same purpose and hating on someone who is struggling is simply hating on a younger version of yourself. We all go through different stages, and at one point, you were in their shoes.

This does not mean you can’t critique someone, but the WAY you do it matters. Know the difference between “hating” and critiquing. "Hate" is any negative comment which lacks opportunistic quality. You can tell someone when something is bad, but it must be followed by something helpful so they can fix it and grow from it. Do not walk around telling people they suck, and when you see good things happening, let people know they’re on the right track! The community will be a better place because of it, and who knows, you might even inspire the next great performer.


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