The journey to greatness is never a straight path. You will get an idea together of what you want and plan it out so perfectly. You will schedule your mission and every day work towards achieving your goal. Day to day things are going well, you feel great about what you're doing, and almost out of nowhere something happens that derails your path. As much as we don't like to admit it, adversity is just as much a part of life as happiness. And once you understand that you're supposed to get knocked off the horse, failure is a little easier to swallow. 

What really matters is what you do after failure to pivot back towards the goal you set out to reach. With enough persistence, on a long enough timeline, you can overcome any obstacle. If you sit and dwell on your failures you will stop moving forward and be forever stuck in the past. Instead, use what you can from each experience to make yourself better.
Some things will be out of your control, so there is no need to put energy into them. When the road is blocked, you find another way around. Other things you will have control of, and it takes a lot of self awareness to understand if what you're doing is the right thing.
Continue to evaluate what you're doing and when you feel frustrated, or powerless in situations, just remember to:


Don't get caught up in the chaos of adversity. Focus on the actions you need to take to get back on track. Getting cut from auditions, weird relationship situations, not playing better than you think you should, feeling left out, feeling inadequate, feeling like you're not moving fast enough, whatever it is you run into, know there is always a path out of those moments that will lead you back to the straight line you drew in the beginning. You just have to stay focused, appreciate the detours, and keep moving.

You got this. 


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