The beauty of drumming is that there are so many different approaches. We all come from different backgrounds, and the “rules” we put into place can provide different sounds and experiences. But there is one thing that the marching arts performers have in common, and that is the requirement of SOUND QUALITY!

For any new player, you may have heard the term “Feather Tapping” before. This is when the stick makes minimal contact with the head and produces a “thin” sound. When performing on a battery instrument, a full sound quality is required to communicate your music to the audience in the stands. 

Sometimes, especially with beginning players, performers do not “Hit The Drum” and it produces a bad sound from the instrument. The main causes of this are the grip being too tight on the stick (not allowing it to resonate) and not enough velocity in the stroke. Watching the top drumlines in the world, you will see every person plays with enough velocity to activate their instrument. You will see relaxed hands moving the sticks with energy providing a powerful, and legato sound from the drums. 

In your own practice time, try experimenting with different pressures in the hands and different velocities to fine tune the perfect stroke for your style of approach. You will thank yourself later.


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